The second day of the OPCOM meeting included presentations from IEEE-USA Candidates, 2020 IEEE President Elect Candidates and a session on Volunteer Resource Training. The afternoon at the meeting included several Carousel Breakout sessions. Each of the 30-minute breakout sessions proved to be very informative and included IEEE topics such as Awards, Conferences, Rising Stars, Projects/Humanitarian, STEM K-12, YP, WiE, IEEEXtreme, Hour of Code, PACE, OU Analytics, Advocacy, Milestones, etc. After a very packed day full of events, the attendees were looking forward for the offsite dinner.

The OPCOM dinner was held at Rustler’s Rooste Restaurant on Saturday, January 26th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The dinner provided an excellent opportunity for the attendees to know about other IEEE members from different regions and share ideas, information about upcoming events in their section. It was a good time to interact with the IEEE leadership and know their plans for the future.

The OPCOM meeting ended on Sunday, 27th January with region area section meetings, area and activity/conference report outs, attendee feedback and the closing director statement. The board members of IEEE ASU were very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and shared their experiences with the student branch.#IEEE #IEEEASU #OPCOM#IEEERegion6 #IEEEPhoenixSection