Greetings from IEEE ASU !

On Monday, 10th September 2018 Texas Instruments will be conducting a hands-on workshop on Rapid Prototyping at PSY 102. You can learn to rapidly prototype using TI’s MSP432 Launchpad and the Grove Sensor Kit Booster Pack. The timing of the event is from 6pm to 8pm and please carry along with you a fully-charged laptop with the necessary software installed.

Here’s the link to the registration page for people to sign up:

More details on the workshop itself can be found on the TI page here:…/getting-started-with-launchpad-an…

The workshop is open to all engineering majors from various degree levels and we would be glad if students from non-engineering majors will also be attending. After the workshop, we will be having a brief session on the career opportunities at Texas Instruments and know directly from university managers what skills they look for in an engineering student. They will also be accepting resumes !

Please do not forget to register for the workshop before the event starts.

Looking forward for your active participation.