Our night of IEEE Day 2020 was one for the history books! Having Michael Andrews give us a presentation about the rapid growth of the 8 big new technologies and what we have to look forward to in the next decade was fascinating.  Everything from biometrics in grocery stores, 5G networks to cover more than half of the world’s population, the growth of the cybersecurity industry, and numerous jobs that, at this point, aren’t even created! We can only imagine at this point a fantastic future; but, we get to architect, plan, and execute that beautiful tomorrow ourselves as the electrical engineers.  His presentation highlighted the evolving world around us, the technologies pushing us forward, and the innovations that are changing our future as we speak.  We couldn’t have been more ecstatic to have such a great keynote speaker.  If you would like to rewatch his amazing presentation, Just check the video right here!

Also, a huge congratulations to our 6 trivia winners.  Each of the members of Team 1 won a $10 Gift Card to Amazon and their knowledge of IEEE and ASU was amazing!